What is 2Shot Chat

2Shot Free Chat

What is "2Shot" Chat

Most Western chat sites offer a chat system where you enter a user-name and enter a pre-determined room with a bunch of people. The 2Shot Chat style is popular in Asia and we think is a better chat system. Here is how 2Shot Chat works:

  1. You click a category you are interested in chatting about
  2. You click the "[Category Name] - Create New Room" button and you are able to create your OWN Room with ANY message you like.
  3. Then, you wait....
  4. Other users will be browsing the messages people have created when they made chat rooms.
  5. If a user finds your message interesting and wants to join your room, they click the "Enter" button and come in.
  6. Once a user enters your room the room is "locked" and nobody else can enter = 2Shot (as in a Two Shot picture).
  7. If you don't like the person that entered your room (you are the "owner" of the room since you created it), you can "Kick" that person and they cannot re-enter.
  8. Our 2Shot Chat system offers various features such as "Emoticon", "Image Upload", "Chat Style Selection", "Alert Sound Selection", etc. that you can use while you chat.

See an Example Chat here